Our Story

We’re Esme and Andy, the co-founders of My TEFL Course. We would love to take you on our TEFL journey to help you envisage yours! We plan to be a big part of your dream so get comfortable with us! We will be with you from the first day of your journey to the last – and beyond.

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Our passion

Is in the personal connection that we share with our clients. We are a professional, friendly and honest company offering honest advice and insight into certified Trinity College London TESOL courses. We believe in quality training and equipping trainee teachers with the most vital skills and ongoing support to start a new career path.

Our experience

We too started as fresh out of the box, newly qualified TEFL teachers looking for work in a foreign land. With our Trinity TESOL´s in hand we took a leap of faith and started our dream in Spain. With over a decade of experience working within the ELT industry, we are highly qualified and experienced tutors ready to share our knowledge and support you throughout your exciting journey.

Our ethos

Is that of creating a friendly, personable and comfortable environment from application to acceptance, with real people and a company with a human element at its heart.

Our approach

Is based on building professional and meaningful relationships with our clients allowing them to develop their newly found teaching skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Our promise

Is that there are no surprises, hidden costs or small print. We pride ourselves on running an ethical, transparent business with the client experience being at the forefront. We are with you from the first day of your journey to the last – and beyond.

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